Drums for Sale!

Kontaani now sell drums!

As I am constantly being asked to source drums for students, I have decided to stock some brand new and second hand drums for sale.

The brand new drums are modestly priced for for quality fairly traded workmanship. Most are from Senegal and one of my own performance djembe's is by the same supplier so I can vouch for the quality!

Some of the second hand djembe's are from Ghana and excellent value for those starting out on a budget who wish to upgrade at a later date.

I can also provide superior performance drums for serious drummers, so if your sights are set high for the ultimate djembe or set of dunduns please give me a call.

Please contact me for further details - I will be putting photos and details on the Kontaani Market Place section soon.....
email - marie@kontaani.net or telephone - 07843816601

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