Tess Clarke joins the KONTAANI performance troupe!

I am delighted to announce that my great friend Tess Clarke has joined the Kontaani Performance Troupe!
Tess who is well known for playing with Tanante - one of the UK's most respected and established drumming bands, has joined our own band of happy drummers.
We love Tess to bits and can't believe our luck that she has agreed to join us - Tess is a vibrant character who's complete love of drumming shines out during performances. Commitment to Tanante will mean that she may not be available to play all of our gigs but we will take what we can get - thank you!
Tess brings a wealth of experience, expertise and colour to our Troupe and we are so proud that she has agreed to join us!
Welcome Fairy Tess! xxx

Tess playing with Tanante and Iya Sako by the fire at the Kontaani Drum Camp in May 2012


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