The Brothers Tour

I am completely overwhelmed that my wonderful band and 3 other UK drumming bands, are included in a major British Arts Council grant to train and perform with 'The Brothers'.

The Brothers - namely Sidiki Dembele, Yahs and Baba Gale are all outstanding African musicians and we are exceptionally proud to train with them, not to mention PERFORM with them!

We commenced training last Saturday, to say it was full on is an understatement, but Sidiki's laid back, fun and sympathetic approach to teaching made it so relaxed.  We got stuck in and in no time had learnt two new numbers for our performance. It will take hours and hours of practice to do justice to Sidiki's wonderful teaching but we WILL do him proud!

I have started a blog in order to document the journey of my band. This is an amazing opportunity for Kontaani and I hope many of you will come along to watch the end result on the 6th December at Kiva Club, Macclesfield.

Proceeds of the ticket sales will go towards helping to fund a music school in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. How cool is that?!

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