The Brothers Tour - details...

The final performance of the Brothers Tour comes to Macclesfield!
British Arts Council funding has enabled 4 British Drumming Bands to train with and perform in their home towns with 3 of the most amazing African musicians led by djembefola (master djembe player) and all round musical superstar Sidiki Dembele from the Ivory Coast (Cote d'ivoire).

Accompanied by the superb Dundunfola (master dundun player) Yahael Camara-Onono from Male and the wonderful sounds of Flute Fulani master (African flute player) Baba Galle Kante from Guinea.

Langley Village based drumming band Kontaani are absolutely honored to be part of this amazing UK tour of beautiful African rhythms and music.

Having trained with Sidiki and Co over the past few months we are proud to bring the Brothers Tour to Macclesfield.

The following weekend there will be an opportunity for folk to join in a djembe drumming workshop led by Sidiki to try African djembe drumming for yourselves - if you already play - you will still be challenged! See separate Kontaani event or register your interest on here.

Proceeds from this unique evening of African loveliness will go to Denfari - a project on the Ivory Coast to fund a music school for orphans and local children to train and learn the wonderful music of this vibrant and beautiful culture. Giving opportunities to train and perform to earn a living from this wonderful art form.

Please help Kontaani to put some of our gratitude for our African drumming music back into Africa by either supporting us on the night or if you can't make it there will be a fundraising page set up soon - every pound helps the Children of Denfari learn to make the wonderful music of their culture for which we Kontaani are so very grateful.

On the night there will be a raffle to win a professional Djembe drum.

Tickets on the door are £5.00

Kontaani will be joined on stage by various guests including the wonderful Holly Marland on Kora (African harp) xxx

More info to follow! 

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