Kontaani Drumfest Fri 25th - Sunday 27th May 2018

Kontaani Drumfest 2018 

Stanley Head Outdoor Education Center, Stanley, Staffordshire.


This is a wonderful small and intimate weekend gathering of like minded folk celebrating a festival of drums.


Confirmed so far (in no particular order):-


Steve Rivers - Boom Whacker Workshop

Jamie Riley (Drumroots) All abilities djembe workshop and Advanced djembe workshop

Iya Sako - Master drummer from Guinea - All abilities djembe workshop and Advanced djembe workshop

Joe Caudwell - Didjeridoo Workshop and Journeying

Rome Mosabbir - Brazilian AFOXE Workshop

Andy Garvey - Balafon Workshop

Beej - Dundun Workshop

Bells - African Singing Workshop

Sens Sagna - African Dance Workshops

Ann-Marie - Combat/Fitness/Dance Workshop

Sarah Westwood - Drum Workshop and Gong Baths


Evening Performances:-

Kukua Drumming Group

Kontaani Drumming Troupe

Tanante Feat. Iya Sako and Sens Sagna

Joe Caudwell

Cassia Tree (all female drumming group)

Bells from Bells in the Birches


Late night campfires


Fully catered - Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine

Accommodation in bunk barns or camping

For more information or to book a place please contact Marie on 07843816601 or email marie@kontaani.net