Update May 2022

Kumaasi Friday afternoon class has now merged into Kukua on Wednesday evenings

That's not to say I won't start the Friday classes back up again for complete beginners. Just that we are allowed larger numbers and it's great to have one big band again for gigging together. Kumaasi have more than proved they are ready to step into the long established Kukua group! 


Kumaasi is the newly formed class who meet on Friday afternoons.

It was formed as a stepping stone to ensure a smooth transition from beginner/improver to the main long established Kukua class.

It is very laid back and moves at a slower and more careful pace to ensure you learn correct technique and build confidence..

Some decide to stay in the Kumaasi class and others will move on once their confidence, experience and ability improves.

There is no obligation for beginners to join Kumaasi first - by all means jump straight into Kukua but tuition will be aimed at more experienced players.

Application to join currently depends on numbers, as we are ensuring we are as covid safe as possible with plenty of space between drummers.