19th July 2014 - Diary of a band of drummers

On Saturday 19th July Kontaani commenced training with The Brothers.

Having been to a party in Liverpool the night before and stayed over in a hotel, I was up very early to rush back to Langley for a 9.30 start I arrived at the local village hall as the band began to gather to await the arrival of Sidiki, Yahs and Baba.
Piers, our youngest member's Grandad Richard had kindly offered to collect the guys from Macclesfield Station and bring them up to Langley whilst we set up the drums.  Sidiki and Baba had travelled from Manchester and Yahs all the way from London, just for a few hours for our first session.

There was definitely a slight tension and apprehension amongst us!  The arrival of the Brothers lightened the mood with hugs and handshakes all round. 
After a moving speech from Sidiki thanking us for being part of his dream and giving some information about his project in Africa - Denfari, we set about learning the first of the 4 new rhythms we need to master for our performance in on the 6th December.

The Kontaani band members naturally fell into their choice of instrument parts on either dundun or djembe.  Some of us are drawn to one or the other types of drums and others play both. Sidiki's wonderful teaching technique soon had us playing beautifully together and his whoops of happiness when we get it right is very infectious! 

After 4 hours of solid drumming we had more or less nailed two of the 4 new numbers. HOWEVER, I think it will be another matter when we attempt to play them at our weekly band rehearsals with no Sidiki, Baba and Yahs!

We were all utterly exhausted, and to think we were supposed to be having them over for the full day!  Sidiki and Baba were playing with Ballet Nimba that evening hence the shorter training time - thank goodness is all I can say!  
The Brothers were fasting for Ramadan so we all carried on through lunch but on several occasions our band were passing sweets amongst ourselves to keep our sugar and energy levels up!

A very productive and positive first day. One very happy but tired drumming band!  It has completely spurred us on and given us all just the push we needed. We are hungry for more. Bring it on!

From a very weary, happy drummer lady xxx


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