Brothers Tour Performance - an outstanding success!

I really can't believe it's all over!

Last Friday's gig at Ronnie's was completely outstanding! 
Thank you so much to all the beautiful people who came along to support us - the place was packed and rocking!

Massive thank you's to:-

Sidiki, Yahs and Baba - it has been a true honour to play with you on the Brothers will always have a special place in my heart. Kontaani have had a truly magical time. Thank you so much for the opportunity to train with and play with such master musicians.

The beautiful and immensely talented Holly Marland on Kora - I am in awe of you! and I have had so many comments about how wonderful you were.

Sens - thanks again for the wonderful dancing - a joy to watch!

Jamie, Beej and Tess from Tanante who joined us on stage at the end - WOW what a finish!

Ronnie Rees - thank you x  We were the last band to play at Ronnie's before it closed it's doors. So sad but what an amazing night to end on.

Simon Inkpen - thank you for doing the sound for us lovely man - what a challenge ehh?

Hep - you worked really hard on the raffle for me! Thank you so much x

John and Claire for working on the door for me - you worked hard!
Lyn and Tom who are always ready to jump in when I need you both.
To everyone else who helped in some way, shape or form - thank you.

Simon Brown (Travelling Simon) - for the most fantastic photography! Thank you so much for coming to our gig Simon and for the beautiful gift of memories.

So many of my Wednesday group came along to support, dance and be generally wonderful - thank you guys x

On behalf of the Kontaani band - we had a truly awesome time, thank you to each and everyone of you who came along, danced and sang - some travelled far and wide. I can't believe how brilliant you all were - thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Loads of love Marie xxx




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