Introduction to Djembe is a 3 hour workshop for complete beginners.

In it we explore the origin of this beautiful instrument, How it is made, How to sit and position the djembe, How to strike the djembe in order to create the correct sounds and we will also discuss the spiritual aspect of the drum (often overlooked).

We start carefully, ensuring everyone is comfortable and relaxed in their playing position before beginning a fun warm up.

Everyone will learn different rhythms (polyrhythms) which when played together build an overall sound. Once we have mastered this we will put together the beginning, ending and middle breaks for a traditional piece which we will play together as a band.

 We will also explore freestyle drum circle drumming in order to raise energy and healing to direct to whoever may need it, both to those inside the circle and to relatives/friends/pets in need. This often causes emotions to surface - ranging from sadness and grief to deep joy and euphoria. But if the former happens to you, rest assured you are safely supported by the warmth of like minded souls who may also be experiencing the same. Fear not though - this is a very small part of the workshop, but I like to include it to show a different aspect to drumming.

For first time drummers some very slight bruising may occur until your body adjusts the way you are striking the drum. There are plenty of breaks to rest them and arnica cream works wonders! I usually bring some! Most folk have no problems whatsoever and others have an 'owch' moment. However the joy experienced when you realise YOU CAN DRUM far exceeds a small bruise or two! Most folk wear their bruises as a badge of honor!

Most people leave feeling joyously uplifted, energised and having become part of a new tribe!

You can then take away the fact that you are more knowledgeable, having learned a new skill, but do not wish to take your drumming further OR you can join the Kukua Tribe to continue your drumming journey. The choice is yours.

Please take a little time to read the TESTIMONIALS page to see how drumming has affected many folk. Most started with the Introduction to Djembe Workshop.

Dates for the next workshop to be announced very soon.

Cost is £20 for 3 hours and includes drum hire and refreshments.

Classes are small as we remain sympathetic to covid worries, so space is paramount. Please feel free to discuss concerns with me at any time.

To pre-register for the next workshop in Langley please message or whatsapp me on 07843816601 or email