The Kontaani Band

The Kontaani Drumming Troupe

Established in 2010 The Kontaani Drumming Troupe are an experienced, confident troupe of drummers who are constantly striving to improve. 

We are no budding ‘djembefolas' but we bring an enthusiastic, energising, upbeat, uplifting, foot tapping performance to any event! We LOVE playing together and it shows!

We play authentic traditional West African rhythms and often add our own unique twist  

We rehearse every week and hold occasional training retreats or guest sessions with both African and British master drummers 

With hundreds of performances under our belt we continue to play at various gigs and and events throughout the year

For enquiries regarding the Kontaani band please contact Marie 

Tel: 07843 816601 



The following 9 drummers play in the Kontaani performance troupe:-



Marie Millward - Djembe/Duns

Founder and Tutor

Alisdair Kennedy - Duns

Debbie Kirkup - Duns/Djembe

Miriam Wilkie - Duns

Lisa Swindells - Duns/Djembe

Dee Al-Asadova - Djembe

Simon Mayo - Djembe/Duns

Pete Robinson - Djembe/Duns

Cat Paton - Djembe/Balafon