Kontaani Christmas Performance and Party.....

WOW what a fantastic night! I have so many thank you's.......

The Kontaani Christmas performance and party was ACE!
I can't tell you how proud I am of the Kontaani family.
The Wednesday group had split into two groups, chose their own leader and chose a band name.

Fuge (sp?) kicked off with their number followed by Santaani (all dressed as Santa's) after which they came together to play the last number as one. They were so wonderful! Most were performing in public for the first time and from the hugs and wide grins afterwards it was obvious they had a ball.
I was extremely emotional - they were great!

Quick change over and the Kontaani performance troupe took to the stage to deliver the best performance we have ever done! Even our harshest critics - my partner and Debbie's husband said we were fantastic - possibly because we were so relaxed and having loads of fun and it showed.

I was so thrilled to have our good friends Gill and Lamine Cisse and David Woolley join us on stage for our final number Djansa which went down a storm to rapturous applause.

I surprised the band by giving each of them a CD which was recorded live in Stoke when we supported the Beat Artistes. David had the CD made as a present for me including doing the artwork - Thank you David from the bottom of my heart. We are all thrilled with the superb quality and how amazing that Kontaani have a CD out!!!

I think I got into bed at around 3.30, exhausted but so happy!

I wish to thank all of the wonderful Kontaani peeps not only for a fantastic performance but for pulling together to create a fantastic buffet -Thank you to Mae for co-ordinating the food.

I hope your friends and familes enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for the wonderful raffle prizes and Christmas decorations. The craft stall was fabulous too.

Thank you to Kontaani Chris, David Woolley and Kontaani Dee for the superb music - my legs and back ache from dancing!

Thank you to the Elves and Fairies for clearing up the hall on Saturday. I was so greatfull when I arrived to find nearly everything had been done!

Thank you to my wonderful band for the beautiful gift - I absolutely ADORE it!

To everyone who worked hard to make it such a wonderful party, thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Marie xxx

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  • Ali


    And none of it would have happened without you! Hugs, Al.

    And none of it would have happened without you!


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